Online Ratings & Reviews

Online ratings and reviews can be the single most effective marketing channel for small businesses, especially local ones. You can be rewarded handsomely for providing good customer service to your customers who in turn will leave you 5-Star reviews. In the age of the Internet, good customer service is the “new” marketing.

What Keeps Business Owners Up At Night?

There is nothing worse than pouring your efforts into your business only to be publicly bad-mouthed by a disgruntled customer. Whether you are a law firm, a medical practice a restaurant or some other small business it’s hard to overstate the influence customer reviews have on others. Most business owners feel like they can’t do anything about customer reviews so they just throw up their hands and retreat into their business.

Reviews Create Visibility for Your Company

Now more than ever, the world is interconnected through review sites, forums and social media. It has been proven that customers trust each others’ opinions even more than expert opinions or any form of advertising. Everyone turns to customer reviews to help them with their purchase decision. Online opinion-sharing, dubbed “electronic Word of Mouth” (eWOM), is more than just about influence, it creates visibility for companies as well.

What Would Half a Star Mean For Your Business?

A Harvard Business School Study demonstrated that restaurants with an extra half-star rating on Yelp causes them to sell out, as much as 49% more frequently, at peak hours!

How to Get More Reviews and Make Them Count

We have developed an easy and unassuming way to ask and remind customers to review your business on the sites that matter to your company the most. We help clients get more 5-Star reviews where they matter most — Google, Yelp or other industry-specific review sites.

Review Funnel Strategy


Systematically direct customers to one conversion funnel that takes them to the review sites that matter most.


Lead happy customers through the review process and catch dissatisfied customers before they post a negative review.


Automatically ask, remind and lead customers through the review process with email and text campaigns.


Receive immediate alerts when any review anywhere is posted along with monthly reports with actionable insights.


Automatically stream positive reviews to your website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Why Customers Don’t Write Reviews

Top 3 Customer Excuses:

1. “I didn’t have time”
2. “I forgot”
3. “I don’t know how”

Why Our Review Funnel Works

With our proprietary software you can:

1. Remind each customer to write a review
2. Make the process easier
3. Prompt customers to write reviews during downtime


Customer’s are typically not intrinsically motivated to write a review.

After a transaction, we send customers an email or text soliciting feedback, with a simple message, such as:

“Thanks for choosing us. Please take a moment to review your experience with us. Your feedback not only helps us, it helps other potential customers.”

The results are simply amazing!

For customers, it’s not about doing the business a favor or about reciprocity, it’s about helping other people. People want to help other people by sharing their honest opinion.


Receiving a client testimonial is no longer enough. You need to get customers to leave reviews where they count the most — on the third-party sites where people discover, evaluate and compare companies like yours.

Our proprietary software employs a simple approach to guide customers through the review process:
1. Direct customers to a landing page you control
2. Lead customers through the review process by helping them select a review site and completing their review
3. Provide unhappy customers with an alternative to posting a negative review, such as a web form, allowing you to follow up with them to make them a satisfied customer.


Our proprietary software alerts you every time an online review is posted and provides a one-click button for responding to the review, on the sites that allow businesses to respond.

It’s important to respond to negative reviews wherever possible. Research by TripAdvisor found that 79% of people who read negative reviews report that they are reassured by responses from business owners.