Our Story…

I named our company Branding Innovation because of my belief that a company’s brand and its ability to innovate are two of its greatest assets.

Most people think a brand is created through marketing and advertising, pointing to interesting ads and cool designs.  However, successful branding goes much deeper than what customers see and hear in external communications.

Successful brands are built meticulously from the bottom up.  Brands have a distinct personality and deliver on a brand promise in the marketplace that earns them a premium price and competitive advantage.

We work side by side with our clients in a spirit of open creativity and collaboration to understand their company and the market they compete in. Then we are able to apply a process-driven approach to innovate everything from their product, service and business model to their sales channels and strategic partnerships.

In today’s business environment, having a strong brand and the ability to innovate are two good pillars to stand on.  The other two pillars in our marketing platform are strategic planning and execution.

We have been able to deliver exponential growth to our clients by focusing on these four pillars:  Branding + Innovation + Strategic Planning + Execution; and delivering flawlessly.


What Does Branding Innovation do?

We perform qualitative and quantitative market research, including eye tracking, brand name testing, customer satisfaction research and focus groups to gain a full understanding of your market and create a winning go-to-market strategy.

Too often companies start with marketing tactics, but starting with tactics is like taking the “ready, fire, aim” approach.  We start with a strategic marketing plan so we can identify your goals and objectives and then create strategies, tactics and a budget to support your goals.

We brand products, services and companies.  We help our clients understand and define what makes them unique and communicate it in powerful ways.

We love designing original, eye-catching design that communicates, effortlessly with clients.

We help manage your online presence from your website and social media channels to inbound marketing strategies – including, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

We create a consistent look and feel with your offline media, including your brochures, sales presentations and print ads.

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!

Greg Ross, Tower of Tales

It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel at ease. The design ended up being twice as good as I could've envisioned!

Jeff Gemmell, Smarter Homes

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Mark Levin, USBCA