Ads Using Live Plants

By June 17, 2017 January 16th, 2018 Marketing Trends
Ads using live plants

Thinking outside of the box is one thing, but thinking outside, and outside the box is another.  After surfing the web a bit for some cool ad campaigns I ran into these.  Though they would be interesting to share.  What cool outdoor use ads have you seen?  Have you seen any in the real world? I can’t get enough of ads using live plants!

When a client comes to us and asks for out of the box thinking, we usually don’t have the opportunity to take them this far.  In today’s digital world, it seems that everyone is concerned with traceable results and KPI’s.  Some of the best branding campaigns we have see are the ones that can’t be tracked, but instead only burn the memory of the band in your mind forever.

I challenge you to see the forest for the trees.  Take a step out of the office and think about how you can do something different.  Something cool.  Heck, maybe you should even consider making ads using live plants.

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