If you’re not on the first page of Google, your business is losing money! If you’re not on the first page of Google, your business is losing money!

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of organically improving a website’s visibility in a search engines’ organic search results. There are numerous factors that affect a search engine ranking and the major Search Engines are constantly updating their algorithms that determine a website’s ranking. SEO is by far one of the highest ROI’s on marketing dollars spent, because it is designed to lead customers, ready to buy, to your website. Having a top search ranking is worth its weight in gold as you can see from the example below.

Why Invest in Organic SEO?

80% of your potential customers are using the Internet to help them make purchasing decisions. Every day that you wait to begin optimizing your site, you are falling behind your competitors and missing out on potential revenue. If you are not on the first page of Google Local Search then you are losing a lot of business. For example, a massage therapist in New York ranked #2 stands to lose $107,811 annually to the #1 ranking.

Here's her story

FACT: There are 9900 monthly Google local searches for the keyword phrase: Massage Therapist New York.

FACT: The massage therapist with the #1 Google ranking receives 42% of the traffic for that search term or 4,158 visitors on a monthly basis, while #2 receives 12% or 1,188 visitors.

Each massage therapist converts the 2% of website visitors into clients. And clients pay $75 per massage on average. #1 receives $6,237 (83 new clients X $75) in revenue from website traffic a month while #2 receives $1,782 (24 new clients X $75). But that’s only where the story begins… Both massage therapists have a 20% client retention rate, meaning they converted 20% of their new website clients for this particular search term into regular customers. And regular customers reportedly get at least one massage a month. So out of 83 new clients, #1 converted 17 into regular clients out of 83 new clients, and #2 converted 5 into regular clients out of 24 new clients. On an annual basis new clients from the web translate into $150,935 for #1 and $43,124 for #2. #1 gets 250% more revenue or $107,811, all things being equal.

What would a #1 ranking mean for your bottom line?

Our SEO Services

Branding Innovation offers full-service SEO for local and small businesses. We perform white hat SEO, following general search engine practices in order to build trust, relevance and domain authority in order to get websites ranked on the first page of Google, guaranteed.

What We Won’t Do

Branding Innovation doesn’t engage in any “Black Hat” SEO practices or break search engine rules and regulations, such as:

  • SPAMMING the search engines with doorway or entry pages – Most search engines are detecting and banning sites that use this practice.
  • Cloaking your website – Some SEO companies will make multiple copies of your website and register each one in the hopes of gaining higher positions. This is regarded as another form of spamming.
  • Keyword stuffing or any other form of hiding keywords that may be discouraged by the search engines such has having text colors match background colors of the page so users can not see them but search engines can. Most search engines will detect and disallow entry for use of this practice.
  • Questionable Back-links or any type of link schemes, unscrupulous tactics or exchanges.  All links will be high quality, industry specific and come from authoritative sites.

We Guarantee We'll Get You on The 1st Page of Google Local Search or We'll Work For You For Free

Our SEO Guarantee

We guarantee that we’ll get you on the first page of Google Local Search in 6 months or we’ll work for you for free until you are on the first page.